SECTOR Wristwatch 230 R3253161531

  • Ladies watch
  • Steel wristwatch
  • With safety buckle
  • Waterproof up to 100 meters
  • Functions: 24 hour display
  • Length from 170.5 mm
Practical and elegant accessory for all occasions
Analog watches have a long tradition. The first models were launched as early as the 19th century, before replacing the pocket watch in the 20th century as an instrument for displaying time in motion. The wristwatch is a practical and timeless accessory for everyday use and much more than a means of displaying the current time. Because with its design it emphasizes your individual style and is suitable for all occasions, whether professional or private. This makes the watch an elegant piece of jewelry, which also reliably informs you about the current time.

The chronograph - a high-quality art of watchmaking
A chronograph is a watch with an additional stopwatch function. This is especially handy because you always have an instrument to measure time without having to think of a stopwatch. On models with a chronograph, the dial is often equipped with additional small auxiliary dials, called totalizers, which record the minutes or even the hours elapsed during a stopping process. The case also features two additional buttons next to the crown for starting, stopping and resetting the stopwatch. These extensions give the watch a sporty and elegant look reminiscent of analog chronometers of yesteryear.

Sector watch model 230 R3253161531, 35mm 3H rose gold strap

  • Brand: SECTOR
  • Product Code: R3253161531
  • Availability: 2
  • CHF212.60

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