• No Hair Crew Hair Removal Cream Body and Legs, Men, 200 ml
Remove body hair quickly and painlessly

  • Specially developed for the removal of male body hair
  • Ideal for use on legs, arms, armpits, back and chest
  • Comfortable and painless use
  • Less itching and ingrown hair compared to a normal shave
  • With soothing ingredients
  • Gives the skin a particularly smooth feeling for 24 hours
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Vegan and not tested on animals
The No Hair Crew hair removal cream is designed to remove just the body hair of a male. Remove hair in a painless, comfortable way. In contrast to a traditional shave, you will get a smooth skin much longer. In addition, the cream causes less skin irritation and itching. In addition, it contains ingredients that moisturize the skin and give you a particularly smooth feeling for 24 hours.

Please observe the indications of use on the package

Apply with the spatula provided on a small area of the body. Test the effectiveness after 5 minutes and rinse well if the hairs leave well. Maximum application time 10 minutes. If no skin reactions or redness, then can apply to a larger area.

Ideal for cyclists, swimmers. Your legs will be ready for a sports massage.

No Hair Crew Hair Removal Cream Body and Legs, Men, 200 ml

  • CHF18.20

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