Remote monitoring and control

Access control for indoor and outdoors, up to 2 doors Can open door, also to remotely con..

Brightness, temperature and humidity sensor

Option for NET-PwrCtrl HUT (DIN Rail)Use a standard  RJ45 cable(not waterproofed)..

Our solution to control heaters by smartphone has the following characteristicsControl by smartphone..

Iono Pi RTC is a professional product, based on Raspberry Pi, with a RTC (Real Time Clock), a series..

NET-PwrCtrl HUT (DIN Rail) - 100-240V powered internal, Screw-terminals for relays.

8 - independently via Ethernet / Internet with the Internet Browser controlled relays. Worldwid..

TCW122B-CM is a remote IO module for environmental monitoring and control, designed to work in Ether..

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