• Tiptel Ergophone 1310, telephone with emergency bracelet

Tiptel Ergophone 1310, telephone with emergency call

Senior phone

Display and large buttons

  • 2-line display, 16-segment and pictograms, illuminated
  • Display date / time
  • Call duration display
  • Contrast of the display adjustable
  •  Large keys, arched outwards, with a good pressure point
  •  "Point 5" key with orientation point

Phone features

  • Pre-dial
  • 6 destination dial buttons
  • Telephone book for 50 entries (name and phone number)
  • Caller list for 20 entries (with names, if they are stored in the directory)
  • Automatic dialing from the call list
  • Missed calls are shown on the display and are signaled via LEDs
  • Transfer a number from the call list to the directory
  • Handsfree (half-duplex), listening
  • Choice of the handset
  • Call acceptance via the radio hand transmitter (can be switched on / off)
  • Optical call signaling via LED and display
  • Query / transfer via the R key
  • Busy tone detection: Telephone sets up independently
  • Selector lock except for one-touch dialing and emergency call
  • Exception numbers (eg for police / fire brigade) can be saved in the event of an election lock

Acoustics / audio

  • Ringer volume can be adjusted via menu and plus / minus keys
  • Bell can be switched on / off
  • 10 ringtones adjustable
  • Hearing aids (integrated magnetic field generator)
  • Handset volume via plus / minus keys can also be adjusted separately
  • Volume of the loudspeaker can be adjusted via the plus / minus keys


  • Answer (the telephone automatically switches to the listening mode after a call)
  • Recall adjustable via CLIP number (3 numbers can be stored) or via special call

Emergency calls

  •  Emergency call function can be switched on / off
  • Emergency call triggering via radio hand transmitter and emergency call button on the telephone
  • Splash-proof wireless hand-held transmitter can be worn on the bracelet or on the strap
  • Emergency call button flashes when the emergency call is activated
  • Up to 3 numbers can be dialed up to four times
  • Accept the emergency call with key 5. This prevents voice services or answering machines from accepting the emergency call and therefore no assistance is provided.
  • After accepting the emergency call, the phone automatically switches to hands-free mode
  • Emergency call announcement in 6 languages
  • Priority of the emergency call before other telephone functions
  • Internal emergency call (when the emergency call is activated via the hand transmitter, the telephone rings)
  • The loudspeaker volume is automatically adjusted loudly in case of an emergency call
  • Remote Control-range test
  • Battery of radio hand transmitter can be replaced

Basic settings

  • Simple menu settings in 11 languages ​​(DE, EN, FR, IT, NL, PT, PL, NO, SE, TR)
  • PIN protection of important features (3-digit code)
  •  Dialing mode MFV (multi-tones)
  • Extension mode: Flash (100/240 ms) can be set, trunk number / automatic trunk recognition

Tiptel Ergophone 1310, telephone with emergency bracelet

  • Brand: Tiptel
  • Product Code: 1081002
  • Availability: 14
  • CHF179.00
  • CHF147.50

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